Sugaring Vs. Waxing

Sugaring is shaking up the hair removal industry; the new age of hair removal is here, and it’s painless!

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Hair Removal? Do You Take Sugar?

relaxing-spa-treatmentHair removal is the bane of many a man and woman’s beauty regime. From nicks and cuts whilst shaving to the discomfort of waxing, it seems that being fuzz free can never be pain free.

However there are alternatives to these traditional forms of hair removal and one such method that falls under this category comes in a rather unlikely form; far from being just a rather delicious substance, sugar is increasingly being employed to remove hair, and here we explain how.

What Is Sugaring?

Whilst sugaring may be a completely new concept to you, this hair removal technical has in fact been around for hundreds of years. Originating from the Ancient Middle East, Sugaring involves a completely natural paste or gel that consists of sugar, water and lemon juice which kills the hair follicle at the root. 

The Paste

Sugaring using paste is the traditional form of the method; this involves the warming of a thick liquid which is then applied in the opposite direction to the hair growth. The mixture is then ‘flicked’ off from the skin in the direction of the hair growth.

The Gel

Gel sugaring is undertaken in a similar fashion to waxing in that it is applied in the direction of growth and removed by ‘flicking’ in the opposite direction.


Sugaring vs. Waxing

The Pain Factor

For those who have experienced waking previously they’ll most likely know that waxing can be a relatively panful process. Whilst body sugaring has many similarities to waxing in the way that it is performed, the process is regarded as being relatively pain free, which we’re sure is welcome news to regular waxers!


Sugaring and waxing are both considered to be as effective as one another, with results lasting anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks.


As we’ve discussed, sugaring is a completely natural process using ingredients that are untouched by chemicals; waking on the other hand uses various chemically based ingredients that can cause irritation to those who have sensitive skin.


Choosing A Sugaring Specialist

As with any beauty treatment, it is vital that you choose carefully when selecting a salon to use; with this in mind, these quick tips will help you find your perfect sugar waxing salon.

Experience of the Salon/Staff

Whilst you may be unable to officially establish how long a salon or staff member has been in business or undertaking the process of sugaring, you will probably be able to judge their competency through talking to them. If they sound at all unsure of what the process entails or whether it may be suitable for your skin then you should find another salon.

You should also check online to see whether there are any previous client reviews, be they good or bad!

Cleanliness of surroundings

If there is ever a sure fire giveaway as to a salon’s services it’s the cleanliness of the rooms. If they’re lack lustre in cleaning up after previous clients then you should take it as read that they take a similar approach to their services.

Quality of equipment

Salons are today home to all manner of technology, from electrolysis machines to sunbeds and nail driers. If you find that the quality of the equipment, be it through upkeep or age, appears to be in a poor state of repair, then you should consider choosing another salon.



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